New ?

Welcome to    NEW   YOEIK,   NEW  YOK,   NEW YOEK,  NEW YOIK,  ah  New Yoik, it's intentional, of course, dur.

devo dream

 I wanna be that man.

view to view

scenic war

What a lovely picturesque view, such beauty, with the mountains the forest the lake and the navel war ship.

black bridge

Back in the day, London bridge was black, Saint Paul's was also black and Notting Hill was black, now it's a white wash, shame.

gang vandal

It looks like them lot have made a right old mess of that wall and are now walking away all sheepish trying to act like there's nothing wrong while that wall official comes to start his day of work at the ugly concrete wall centre.

inviting arizona

Bring a cushion?

sweedish deviant

This is part of the very unpopular and misleading series of postcards: 'Ladies love wood erections.' 

sweedish deviants

deviant deviant

I fear she prefers stones.

tit shades

This creative characterisation is for the person who sits next to me at work, Lee.  The back and for that matter the front is what type of postcard I think he'd write home from his lads holidays. (It's genuine and a bad scan also).

Font splurge

Letters! Fonts! Sense?   50p to the first person who gets it.  

flower carpet

picasso off

The guy in the foreground thinks it stinks.

Madison holiday

I love the composure and the sentiment, don't agree with it, I mean, it's alright, but y'know it's a river with a few ploughed fields.  Madison you need to get out of Madison.

fake wild

I don't know about you but when I watched Attenborough and they have the lion and the antelope, one's normally waiting to pounce, chase or at the very least eat the other.  This rare photo of the two species posing all happy and smiley makes me very suspicious of so called "wildlife documentaries" and their "behaviours."   

five star

car dreams

          This was a postcard entered for a car competition.  I think the postmark was smeared by Ian's tears not the inefficient franking machine.

lady sea

I like the way she's either a loner or the sea had swept the sand back whilst she sunbathed.  Upon waking she discovered herself stuck surrounded by rocks and deadly sea sludge, her friends all play like they've already forgotten her existence.

boy toy

plain plane

I think we've possibly passed the days when the underbelly of a Russian passenger plane flying in light blue can capture that holiday feeling, or really any feeling that can't be recreated in, I dunno, an airport.  I also would like to note the rod or as I'd like to think ejected pilot floating off for a better life somewhere, Zimbabwe?

mouse bat

cat cave

This cat's the cat that just hates you for no reason. It hated so much now no one loves it and it lives in a cave, alone.

mega paella

One of my friends got me this, it's just great in so many ways.