hand bridge

Do I look impressed?  You're gonna have to duck that tosspot of a head to get under this bastard hand-bridge.

cooked jesus

Who ordered the well done baby jesus?

Thora pixel

The BBC had to slightly pixelate Thora Hird as her religious views make cart's vommit.  

greetings from london

Not quite Disney World, not even Euro Disney.

tower in the hills

This, is, brilliant.

withdrawn from bullshit

"...We ave withdrawn, from bullshit - very sad!"

"Quite hot, in hell."

renaissance updated

The renaissance, recreated?

mo money, mo problems

Mo money, Mo problems, Mo glowing women following you asking how you got those eyes to look so detatched and joyless.

doll face

You know when you start drawing faces and you do a nice neat nose then work out with some modest eyes, lips and seagull brows and you're really happy, then you step back and realise no amount of blusher with make this face look propotionally normal. Fuck it, give her something to sell.  It's like she knows you fucked her up.   Ok, have a cross too.

puppets got wood

"So what did you do at work experience today Brandon?"
"I created a historical scene all by myself."


semi erect

The woman seems to care more about the scenic brook over yonder than a semi erect penis rubbing on her thigh.  That is a nice brook.

jaundice penguins

Giant penguins, coming here, turning the whole place to ice, good job they all died of jaundice

The sides so rough, the road so smooth.

The sides so rough, the road so smooth.