coach trip

It reminds me of a cookery challenge if Coach Trip was set in the 1980's.

bite me

 I don't know what to say about this one.

wing head

The cherubs seem to have evolved into some sort winged head status.

this isn't stoke

Other than the experienced rambler on the right the rest of them look like they've been mistakenly teleported to the countryside expecting stoke city centre's shopping precinct.

watch the teddy

Big Ted's just put his fluffy penis down the lens for little Ted's soon to be realised shock.  Watch the Teddy.

new inn

I'd like to live in a town that this constitutes my high street.

teapot card

This is just lovely to look at.

mad a gasper

Madagascar has tonnes of interesting animals, England doesn't, this is why he's smiles like that and we don't.

just weird


Thukka rights

The other day someone explained to Thukka about women fighting for the right to vote, the establishment of equal rights and feminism. He laughed.

HM evil

Sometimes, an evil.

eastern weather

Translation? I thought it was a weather forecast but I don't think Japan has two glowing white orbs in the sky more than us, or does it? I think it's not a weather forecast.


If I cared about vollyball this might have seemed important.

sex columns

What beautiful columns, over time they rounded, soften, yet grow with beauty at every glance. Though the man on the right has clearly taken this too far.

Mary's horn?

 Yes what's wrong 16? Really.  I searched the whole of wikipedia and all I got was the Queen Mary's horn can be heard 16 km away, is that the answer, is that even an answer.

rip hills

What a perfect rip.

burnt lady

Did someone accidentally put her in the oven?

spike lee

scally wagon

Is this what olden days scallies drove? 


Great abuse to this card, I love it.

lego animals

The single best use for lego and small animals.

stone luck

Yes-yes we have both being stuck with our hands under this stone for 33 years now.

Wide load

One long kibour, one wide cock.

urgh fish

I love how unappealing the photographer has made everything, I'd rather eat the font.

Control the fat

Just another slice..?

Gordon fox

Yeah, that's right, he was that dreamy in real life, like a old shaven fox.

bangra mouse

Indian Finger mouse?

pant wives

Gunthad looks on while his three wives sew together his new pair of underpants.

daddy gloves


pots and pots

Such great colour and detailed depth.




The photographer seems to have interrupted Gladis as she hastily unfastens ANOTHER bird's nest from her hand, tut tut Gladis, she never learns.

G dog

Kenny G, or the giant hovering G man.  Biting his tongue over how good he thinks he looks. This is the 'nailed it' shot, the shot that says, this is the moment, this is the moment every woman, man and animal dream they can have what the G dog won't let them even sniff. I'll be only one touching myself up tonight.

Long face

What a long face.

dino laughs

It's a fact that dinosaurs actually used to get highly amused by violence.

triumph over triumph

Here's a highly polished angled view.