'The Sheik' looks over this brown pussy filled desert, and barks in impotence.


I may not have a drum but I do have this sweet ass stick, a couple of damn fine water bottles, this dandy rucksack, stop! hammertime trousers and a hip hop hipster beard. 
So, yo-yo dudes. Let's go downtown.


Post war fondling.

florida welcomes

I'd sure like to pull up and cause some chaos there, I could probably keep asking more and more cryptic questions to the eternally helpful staff they'll be forced to work in shifts just to fathom my endless pointless tenuously tedious references to Flo Rida.

scoutcil estate

Scoutcil estate

blue hue

I don't know if the blue hue should be there, but it works, I like it, it stays, I'm a smiling.

strangely brown

Strangely brown and upside down