genie cleaner

What's he angry about? Washing up or talking in shitty illustrations?

crane babies

 I bet the crane wished he'd phoned up sick, or ate a couple in transit.

royal italian circus


dartmoor ponies

Don't confuse them.

dog cow

The man think's his boss, the dog looks back, he's boss. The cow's moo.


A young kafka with his pet sheep. Thanks Garth.

golden dick

Before that bull died in a barbaric merciless way I hope he horned the gloating golden dickhead.

dental boys

It's not good these armless teenage boys have group dental appointments with the local priest, he doesn't even have all the tools, sometimes he has to improvise with his own equipment.

goat bush

Yes, goats naturally climb on trees and up bushes, obviously.


 Mickey, he's just got his hand in his pocket looking at Donald's, foot?

gay gold

A coupla gay gold bald buddies.

bridge collapse

To me this looked like giant pilon or telegraph pole collapsing downwards about to crush that poor posing lady, though it's not, it's a bridge upon a bridge.

lion tempt

That's either a surreal real lion or the replacement for the lion that died or some sculpture that the lion in the pit can look up and see but can never reach.  Or non of that.    

sarcastic crane

And p*ss, build and litter all over my natural habitat, pleeease. Is exactly what he's thinking, the sarcastic bastard.

looking after cat

Work work forget

Then why are you sending this card?

Sister Sister

Who hasn't watched Sister Sister? What about Spatz? Woof?  Knightmare?  Clarissa explains it all?  Rainbow ?  I think I miss being a child and not having to know the existence of Downtown Abby.  

Arch tech


George tortoise

It's funny how some animals like nemo fish look young bright and desirable all their lives, then others look like reanimated scrotal sacks . . .

Death sexy

At a guess, without translation, it looks like the skeleton of death is trying to get a bit sexy with all the rich and religious of the olden days.

thong ride

 Florida has the highest usage of rash cream in the western hemisphere.


Classic dictator King Jong Ill the great sunglasses wearer, slacks lover and winter jacket wearing ex dictator, ex living human, pictured here with a few of his many close lovers.


Don't know who he was. Though he looked like he was trying to do an impression of what Nick Berry and Elvis' spliced offspring would look like watching a cow being inseminated.


Animatronic Raquel, to activate say "pint."

seagull boater

Where he's going and what absurd high jinks might he get caught up in this time?

girl blob

 It looks like these pretty neon flowers are in the process of devouring this family house. In the foreground a little girl uneasily stands, failing to tell her parents she fed the floorboards seeds.

hospital tunnel

All hospitals should just be tunnels, everything should be tunnels, tunnel suit stuff.

big ox

A human, a camera and a three legged Ox with a quiff, an aversion to photography and no witnesses.