bridge trumps

So many uninteresting facts. Bridge postcards are like having a really shitty top trump card, for bridges. No one will beat you, no one wants to, because no one cares.

dog's view

The dog's thoughts are probably; a nice place to shit, eat some old chips there, have a paddle and a piss in that and sniff some ass on the shoreline. Oh and what the fuck have I got on my head.

scribble dribble

Unless they fall into that indescriminate scribble, gee I hope those fictional illustrations are aware of their actions, you can't just drink squiggles and lines without understanding the red textual statements that might be placed next to you. I hope they've got one hell of a below average overly punctuated amendment.






Now look, look into my soul, you hear it, it's saying, don't eat things that have no eyes.  Now where's the bog?

old ass

C'mon kids, it's the Old Ass Religious Ruins Game, 10 points for the first person to spot the Old Ass Religious Ruin that's not a Old Ass Religious Ruin. Clue is it's not the wall and it looks like it was built after Jesus died. 

balls caught



Doesn't quite live upto the flashy name does it?  Unless it was envisaging a future where American TV created a popular show that cast a small, pokey character called Carlton that played second fiddle to the much larger character of Will.  The prospect of then ferrying people into Charlton's back entrance to be accommodated would therefore be a dive into the unknown, not as it appears to be here, just a dive.



death grip

Maybe after all this, I could get to know this lovely handsome press photographer. What's this? Arghh.  
A death grip!

what in shit

 "What the fucks he doing to my shoulders now?!  Just, just keep gritting those teeth through the WORST MASSAGE OF MY LIFE. What the blue bloody cock have I just done?" 

beastie boy

Something bloody significant must have happened between the house and the garage?  Judging by the wing tipped ford thunder-bird, it's undoubtably unsupervised teenage experimentation with household pets, at least one of which was a parakeet.  


Just Wondrous