jem cook prisioner

Jem Cook, prisoner of war, a captive for crimes against music and fake alluring. Sentenced to a life of obscurity.  

unreplicable dog

The Dog; he thinks in a visual language that he can see which is distracting and can make him look a bit gormless like he can't even think about stakeholder pensions or something.  

r.kelly kids

The R.Kelly:  he leans, he thinks about things grown men should't think about.  The mist comes, with it the local police department with his latest release because you can imprision such talent.

seagull spider

The seagull; he sits, angry, looking out over the great whispy spider web that smothers the Algarve, he thinks, he makes an annoying sqwark, he dies. 

sue lawley

Power smiles, power fringe, AND she read the mother-f**king nineteen nineties news, deal with it.

greetings from iraq

bombed, bombed, bombed, bombed.