Just shove it all in,  yeah,  the fruit,  the peel,  lop that in,  turps,  of course,  whey!   It's f**kin awful.

indy! indy!

Went all the way into the forrest and left his hat.

the couple


coral crap

I think there was a spelling error, where it said coral reef state park it should have said:
John Pennekamp's scraped out concrete dump park.

self wedgie

The bottom boob look was pioneered here, well there, in Florida, the same cannot be said for self wedgied tongs, a short-lived and acutely painful fad.


houses of farts

"Hey, wanna go for a cruise?"  
"Fancy a jump in the bushes?" 
"Have you just squeezed out a fart?"

i think

Just look.

printed matter

I really like the words 'PRINTED MATTER'


Look at the shape, the colour, the depth, it's like the champagne of the pete bog scene.  You could go your whole life without seeing anything close to the majestic beauty of this young darling. Hush now, just hush and let it breathe.


Images like this should be made into clothes that only unattractive men can wear to give them an edge in the dating world.

tie (s)

After finding this about 4 or 5 years ago, I decided to wear 3 ties for the whole of that day. I felt like I was God.

busy dirt

sore rider

He looks sore.

not gary's lineker

Gary Lineker doesn't like the idea of his name being used on chatty bars in equally chatty resorts by his brother, though, looking at this he seemed to have completely changed his mind.

man bridge

I like the way the man-bridge appears to be looking down checking the ships that pass through don't have overly tall masts which may lead to clipping.

cutes hole

Aww look at the pretty little kitten gazing on as a multi-holed gangbang moves into her litter tray.

no change change

This was a competition postcard that the sender didn't want the judge to get confused with, well done.

boy toy

And a tree and a spare pair of white briefs.

Sexy lady

Join the queue

creative modelling

You've nailed it, yeah-great, just the right angle for the flower pot on your head, great-great, and the flowers, you really gotta hold them like there's not point to their existence and their mere inclusion is a diversion from not being able to do the other model's hair, yeah, oh, you're killing it doll.

cave mouth

los eye

Las Vegas: takes your eye out.


The classic lady bum poster, now in postcard. Tennis is a great place to let out a fart, there's always a good open flow and space, if you lift up your skirt and wear no knickers it barps off within seconds.

Billy's shots

Billy never liked people. All he ever did was take pictures of phallic shaped plants, really close up. We rarely see him, occasionally he pops into Boots picks up films and anti fungal cream then back out into the desert. 
Always smiling though.

Jesus Dimbleby

Jesus here reminds me a bit of David Dimbleby on Question Time.

Post swirlyism

Great bit of post modernism, or pretty swirly pattens with shapes in colourful things.

Redgie suits

Promotional postcard for 80's heartthrob and half hit wonder Redgie Suits.

beast love


man and cotton at one

child pets