pipe tooter

Who's marrying who?  I hope it's not old pipe tooter.

couple the movie

Terrible plot, acting unconvincing and frankly beyond awkward.
Coupling potential: World class.

fat pipe

Leave him the pipe, take the grapes and potatoes, cos people are scaling his backside.



camo scene

This scene is currently in camouflage.

decaying lady

It's like the decaying paper emulates the subject, amazing.

sharna newton

For Sharna who probably never looks at this but if she did she'd see this and love it.  So technically, this is a test…

St Govan

I think St Govan was not only a debatable saint, St Govan?  They also appear to very inconsiderate in their planning for the chapel, right in the middle of the main road, linking ship to shore. So everyone who wanted to go had to pass through the Saint's chapel and give 'em some God time.  I think I take it back, St Govan is a true machavelian. 

Man whore

Man Whore Avenue.