The Super

I wanna drive a Super VC10, or just something with The Super in it's title.

George Loveless

Nicest convicts I ever met, except that George Loveless. He's a bad man. 

baby thong

Are you kidding me.

make sense

Odd and strangely drawing.

food man

I'm full.

casper's dog

Rare postcard of a ghost trying to find his ghost dog.

walks himself

Pictureque scene with walking dog.

i don't know

I don't know what this is about.  It looks like a comic without the bubbles. 50p for the best answer as I have no idea, whatsoever.  

selective love

We only like a few countries. 

tram tram

BT trunk

It's amazing you can see it nowadays but back then it's was some sort of city centre robot erection everyone wanted a ride up.

concrete love

That's just great Sam, really fits in with the natural lay of the land, perfect.  I love the sign hanging off the telegraph pole all cockeyed, it reminds me of the cranes, you remember them? They used to fish in the lake right before we built this on top of it.

duh two

Another gormless one?  


Word lands

The mountains populated by words.

oh windmills

   Windmills windmills windmills, yes windmills.

mmm ugh

Postcards, sometimes they give a lot back, though I don't know what constitutes garnish in Boston.


Makes you wanna stay at home, or possibly burn something.  No campfires, silence after sunset, joy is only a name.

cruise shippers

Uniformed cruising man love loving pensioners, with beating sticks.  
"What are you up for fellow?"  
"Just a quick wank off Bob." 

bar the man

My favourite rectangle is the barman rectangle.  He looked happy and drinking, two good signs even for such a flat-pack bar such as his.  Those; plates, shields and flags aren't awarded for construction, they're awarded for fun. 

john flyer

Jonathan Ross relieving himself, in a hang-glider, in a studio.


       Sometimes postcards match up, like these two...


Jim Bobbins

Though your attentions maybe centred around the disagreement over the price of mangoes.  In the rear of the shop old Jim Bobbins seems to have taken leave of his senses and started playing one man musical statues in only a bowler hat, rose thermals and a mustache.


Pterodactyls, I'm so bad at spelling I had to google it twice, the first time I got a type of cat.

Jerus, Jerus, Jerus is on fire

I'm not getting into it, they have guns and open mouths.

ski squiggle

The squiggle makes it perfect.


That might have been a pretty lovely bay before those humans put a load of concrete over it.

No fair

Don't mess with us, we got red ribbons.