bear date

"Looking sexy. I'll just part my arse hair, then I'm Miss Pinkhole."

play bear

"Which one's E? 'Bitches aint shit' is hard.

swing bear

"Freak."                                  "Weeeeeeeeeeee!"


"I know what I wanna suck"  " Tweet, tweet."   "You like my mouth birdy? 
You wanna go in and out my mouth red tit?"


 "I hope that's not piss, this place is full of piss, are you piss?  Look, look at my tongue, is that piss?"

big fur

"Can you see my big furry muff through these bubbles?"                         "Why yes."


 Due to a neglected tuppaware container of nitro glyserine and a lack lustre local emergency services the residents of Teddy Bear Island burnt to their collective deaths, painfully well. 


I don't want to hear another joke about my jugs.  Why do we have to wear all this crap anyway.  I'm sure a twelve button waistcoat wasn't practical, and why have I got the hat with a chicken on it?  And don't you dare say tradition.

queen pit

The Queen was still a bit pissed when she dressed for the pit excursion.

dawsons creek

Dawson just let one go, again. Fuck Dawson's creek.


Monorail round the white matter lake, stop off at the inflatable shopping centre.  That's life in: VANCOUVER City of the Future.


I'm not looking at you, quick go-go gadget belt.

north thai

 Gets a bit smacky.

two's company

THREE'S illegal, even if the donkey's up for it.

garden state

It's what dreams by unimaginative people are made of.


Noo-no, it's just a small one. I tell you what, I'll even paint it white so it blends in with the sky.

penn a

Penna: so zany, yet so serious.


Having a laugh, at the cemetery.