piper man

Watch out when he grips that shaft, twiddles his knob, resting on his box, and smiles.


Sexy and practical, great for the office, great for the beach, stylish and comfortable. No.

broccoli road

 Beware when you walk down Broccoli Road, there are many mysteries hiding within the two story roofless clattershits. 

Jailed scene

A recently Jailed Scene
Crime: Lacking sufficient drama. 
Mother possibly liable for parole.


Can you guess what animal's trying to lipstick my earlobe?  


One very lucky priest.

Emily bishop, hussy.

                                                          Emily bishop, hussy.

Emily bishop, hussy.

Emily bishop, hussy.

derry ladies

Lenin seemed to be flyering Derry housewives not to wash their clothes or make bad sculptures, depending on how you look at it.

Donald wedge

Donald only walks into reality with a bag full of animals, a potato wedge glued to this sole and one of his eyes poked out.


I love how Susanne decided to emphasise her subtle religious doctrine to David whilst still wishing betterness.


Thanks to Amy for this odd beaut.


This is why ladyboys are so popular.