Teddy eddy

Teddy with teddy's latino friend who teddy met while scoring a hit. The two teddy's now prostitute their bodies after selling most of their clothes on miami beach.


Mmm bums

dead twins

Old, disgruntled, now dead, twins.

still eggs

I like the fact this Parisian Easter card was shot overhead and all the eggs must have been stuck together.

crier bobbett

focus focus

You can see the people who had come here early to get the best sun table had not bargained on the chain smoking speed taking german neighbours on a 37 hour domino bender to pip them from prime view into almost bushy obscurity. Though they did devise a cunning plan of a conserted stare off willing whatever viewer to be drawn into their visual forms. Yet so did Teddy Long and ultimately stole the diverted attention into his corner which is consequentially a precipice to nowhere.

warren stacey

THE Warren Stacey.  Don't let him near you with that mouth, cos he'll have your eyes out their sockets.

raggerty bear

hunter s bear

A scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when Hunter S Thompson downed a cup of absinthe, licked a book of acid, and snorted a ski slope of cocaine. He then proceeded to shrink down and shape shifting into a childs toy, there he encountered Nixon in the form of a pop up jester and beats him to tatters, screaming. "Not the harlequins, you dirty rat bastard!" 

bawling babies


poo chute

She maybe a cow but she's mine, so back off or this flute's your new poo chute. 

1st class


pigeon steps

dementia bear

Doesn't quite know where she is most of the day but it doesn't seem to faze her.

Johnathan morris

Jonathan Morris was 84th sexist man blown by air in 1991.  Voted for by the readers of Blind Life. 

howdy hello



Is this David Bowie's labyrinth lover? Screw that challenge.

wooden squirrel

A wooden family with a pet squirrel?

tunnel love

Liverpool looks great, really.

Baby Biffed

This is for Dan and the reintroduction of "Biffed."  Such a great word.  

The woman who sent this had a couple of skeletons in her closet.



x child

This could made a great pedophile's avatar.

smokey ships

prude princess

They make one prude to sell more pretty princess'


wow wow

You couldn't make this any more perfect.  From the stark and simplistic title font to the giant white sand whole and it's brown echo. The coffee stained arora gliding through the sky while the faded stelotape and faded people, yellowed and bronzed like they would've wanted.

dirty boy

He's happy, she's weary. She know's he likes the taller, older types.  He thinking… 
Mother and daughter.

crocodile boy

Got myself a crocodile with wheels, now I'm going to climb that mountain in six minutes, you wanna kiss my boots now?

golf did it

Looks less like an advert and more like the scene of a violent assault.

boy wee


cola fish

Shrimps were odd sweets, then I suppose sugar covered teddy bears and the lesser spotted cola bottle fish are also irregular.

tribal boobs

I'd hazard a guess that the majority of these trible and cultural postcards aren't bought for their trible or cultural significance.


Magnificent view.

no sea world

If I was the frog I'd go straight to trading standards.

chinese whips

Saturday nights in Morecombe were a little unorthodox.


Keeps his cock close.

two fingers

"Hey, screw you, screw you all.  My hair just grows like that."

blackberry pervert

"What? I was picking berries, so no need to go any further to that mutilated, partly digested body over there."

bear games

"Giving me that card you bare all bast**d."

"15 - 2,   15 - 4."

sleeping beauty

 Woot woo


This feels very Ronny Reagan.

orange leaves

You wanta orange?  We got the big ones ere.  We got orangee orange.  We also got orangee with green spots.  Oh and we got leaves, you wanna buy leaves? You gotta hat?

snip snip

Wise old Jumbo, you better let him snip your ticket or that boat ride might get a little salty.

orange phone

You want my f**king oranges, f**k you, only Luna gets my oranges.  But she don't want my oranges. She wants new iPhone.

queen puppet

 Royal Variety?

Spanish garden

Is it the bald wooden lattices, the sparsely planted flowers, the crazy paving or the glued down pebbles that made it a Spanish Garden?

dog sailors

In Portugal dogs are heavily punctuated.  And bemused smoking sailors.

adolf bull

For a time before fascist genocidal politics, the young Adolf Hitler was a keen bullfighter.