opium marbles

  "Look Barry, a void hole in space and time where all matter is one and all sense of being is protracted into experiences devoid of any linear narrative? Or is it a big marble seemingly perpetuated in air due to our excepted yet insatiable opium habit?  
Do we have a daughter?"

spaghetti roads

So you come in on the left, follow it down, flip back round, join the lower bypass, switch to the dual, go round the roundabout, 3rd exit, 2nd lane, and your back to wishing your life was over.

handy lady

You like my tiling?  You want to cop a feel of these, cushions, they're coarse and  deceptively scratchy but once you've felt those up you can feel my other handy work in my hot, moist lounge, which is just past my pussy, that's grey and a cat.




Fuckin posers.

hello ladies

   Hellllllooow  ladies?

chinese red nose

This was the year the Chinese Government painted our noses red for the day.  They said 'The West' do it, it's incredibly funny and very-very good for propaganda.   

sheep dish

This one's much smaller, it just blends in doesn't it? Like a big sheep in the distance supported by scaffolding... You're not buying it are you?

donkey man

That man is not Tom Hanks in the film Big, he's just a big man on a donkey.

marrdy doll

I like the thinking of people who make pissed off mardy dolls. 

north cyprus

North Cyprus: Where an ice cream van is a thing of wonder.

skating people

Not too happy not too sad, skating.

florida spring

Because we've chemically altered the eco system.