scissor spectacles

We were so poor we used scissors as spectacles.

Disabled invisible giants

Disabled invisible giants still need their balls tickled.

ginger boy ginger horse

Ginger boy, ginger horse, blonde hay, blonde horse hair.  Sadness


IT’S HERE! NO YOUR EYES AREN'T SHISERS! Chandler Marks is "Feeling Van Gogh"

franco building

You can say what you like about Franco, like, Franco's a bumfaced tosspot, but boy can he commission a grand bit of brick work.

60ft pilon

They’ve got that great juxapotioned couple in love, other couple in the physical manifestation of ill-temper.  A perfect rustic scene were it not for the 60 ft fucking pilon towering over St Quaintsbury. 

scott chisholm

Scott "Limp wrists" Chisholm dosen’t just breathe, buy ties and grow a mustashe. Scott "You look like you need a shit" Chisholm makes the news, by reading it out loud with his mouth and occasionally committing some low level fraud. 

catatonic apathy

It’s coming, the cream void of nothingness is upon us, when it strikes you will be paralysed into a catatonic apathy. 

bit special

This is a bit special, I love every element.

swaggering crabs

Home of the swaggering crabs.


Wonderful, I hate cherries, but love this.

horse kid

KID:  I am the sherif, now eat this grass.
HORSE:  I'll eat this grass kid, but as soon as you turn round, I'm gonna get that hat of yours.  And y'know what kid, you're gonna need to buy a new coloured skirt the next time you see that again.

inevitable tree

...And on your left a withered old tree battered by storms, lapped by waves, mentioned by people like me on tours like these. Helpless, waiting for it's pre-mature and inevitable death.  Next kids it's Mickey's Mouse's Golden Ring hole...  

two relatives one rock

Kill two relatives with one rock

slapdash wonder

This play looks slapdash and wonderful

dining smoke

A dining hall for kings, super kings and menthols. 

fine ass zebra

I can see you taking pictures of my arse, you think I'm stupid. 
You can't walk over this fine ass zebra.

christmas hell

I can't imagine anyone getting this through the post and not thinking, the person who sent this, might not like me that much.  Not even the lucky clover in a partly frozen hell will stop you from falling in that jagged icey river.  Christmas greetings. 

Arizona Blair

So being an Arizona dude is bad, but being cold is worse? 
I had no idea Tony Blair is an Arizona dude. 

sur real

It looks real but surreal.

dreams do come true

boat people

Due to the perhaps poor reproduction processes and almost childlike colouring in the people in the boat and for that matter almost every else has a sort of abstract painting look, which is pretty great.

postcards of postcards

The irony wall has toppled, yes you're eyes are not imagining this genius of lazy yet resourceful postcard photography, it's a postcard of postcards.